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Thread: Redirect to hidden dir

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    Redirect to hidden dir

    I'm trying to redirect to a dir when the user types /theword. The redirect works fine but trying to figure out how to hide the dir in the URL or better display the dir as a bunch or characters to hide the dir name. For example, it would nice to display the URL if possible like - mysite/j#$*f < just an example. The j#$*f (This would be the masked dir of say thedir.

    Right now I have -

    Redirect /theword http://www.mysite.com/thedir

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    I'm not sure what you trying to accomplish, but the web browser has to know what URL to load - so you can rewrite it any way you want, but that URL would still have to send back the file / content requested. So if you are trying to prevent sharing a URL or something like that, this method wouldn't work very well.


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