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Thread: Need help centering text vertically.

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    Need help centering text vertically.

    So, I'll get right to it; Here's my code

    	<div id="navButtons">
       	</div> <!-- navButtons -->

    Here's my CSS

    li {
    	display: inline;
    my {
    	color: #C60;
    #navButtons {
    	background-image: url(Used/NavBG.png);
    	height: 61px;
    The text is at the top of the div(I believe it the right term) and I need it centered on the background-image.

    This is obviously for a nav-bar and I'm trying to make text-buttons that are going to have a hover image that stretches.

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    Resolved my own problem, apparently the line-height had to go in the li { }, guess this is part of learning.

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