I'm working with a zoom script written in javascript and jquery, that zooms into and out of an image, one click at a time, by clicking +/- input buttons (these are currently image buttons instead of the standard input buttons). I'm looking for a way to make the buttons be onmouseover instead of onclick, but, instead of only advancing a tiny bit each time, I need it to scroll smoothly into the image, so there's no need for constant reclicking to zoom into the image. In addition, I need it to control another function onmouseover as well, such as swapping between to images that are controlled by the onmousever (i don't mean to swap the image button graphics, but rather another image on the page is swapped when onmouseover occurs). i'd prefer if webgl was not involved, as i know some comps are coming with onboard graphics cards that don't have webgl (doh).

thanks in advance!