I am taken a tutorial about jQuery Dropdown menus a Lynda.com. It helped me to understand a lot. I stuck on a few CSS concepts. After finishing the tutorial I want to customize the navigation to fit what I want. Rather than use a lot of trial and error I am thinking I should take the suggestions of those more experienced with CSS than me. I like to try myself, but I find that suggestions of best practice usually work best in learning. As for where the Navigation is now I want to understand a couple of things that I am sure rely on the CSS properties. I am interested in understanding how to modify the following:

1.	How to get the text in the navbar and dropdowns to vertically align to the center?
2.	I used -moz-border-radius: 5px; to round the navbar so how can I get the 1st link (<li>) to use that rounding only on the left side of the 1st link to highlight it without hiding the left outside border?
3.	How can I make each dropdown links the same vertical height of the navbar and the highlight just highlight that part?