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Thread: Why use XML?

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    Why use XML?

    Hey everyone. I have been reading about XML and I understand what it is, but I just don't understand what the point of it it. I code my webpages in XHTML just because it is more strict and requires cleaner code which, in theory, makes the webpage load faster. However, I don't understand what the point is of using XML and then a XSTL style sheet just to put info on the web. Wouldn't it be easier to just use HTML or XHTML? There is probably a logical reason, but I don't understand it. Thanks for the info in advance.

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    Ask yourself what XHTML actually represents; it's well-formed XML, yes for most people using plain XML 1.0 isn't required.

    Nonetheless, XML can be used in many ways and is generally employed server-side, for example the last Olympic Games used XML for its databases so that a multitude of platforms and programs and different media in many countries could interpret the data.

    The Mozilla browser uses XML in its user-interface via XUL (XML-based User-interface Language) the options are vast but for the typical Webmaster who wants to display HyperText within a common browser then XHTML is normally suitable.

    eXtensible Style sheet Language Transformations (XSLT) for example could be used to convert XML text into sound, or a PDF file. Actually like most people you are best off using XHTML and don't require that extra power.

    When you consider XML 1.0, it's easy to think of server-side driven sites...

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