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Thread: Right Editor for me?

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    Right Editor for me?

    Hey guys.. sorry a bit flat, the last few days haven't been fun (I know to expect this often )...

    Have spent my down time the last 3-4 days trying to find the right code based editor for me, to no avail...

    All I was asking for, is that it had 2 functions

    1. A preview button

    2. Able to tweak font size of editor (just font size not colours would be ok)

    Having zero confidence in my code.. quick preview is by far the feature I'll use most.. and I found chasing drop-menu's a little painful...

    I found a good reviews & download page here..


    Im about 15 programs in and really struggling... I didn't think those 2 requests would be such a stupid ask?..

    I'll keep pushing on.. but if anyone knows one with these 2 features off hand, please let me know...

    Cheers B


    extra unimportant notes:

    Got close 2-3 times...

    Great little editor.. but you have to manually save first then preview.. "Save" button one end "Preview" the other.. might as well use drop-menu's?

    Design mode by default (pfft).. but when I save or preview if auto corrects my code.. and I don't know whats going on?... cant switch off?...

    Best chance.. has 4 buttons you can "command" set yourself.. which would be prefect for multiple browser testing.. but the whole "C:\blah blah blah" & "blah blah blah %p'" thing is just way over my head? If anyone could.. please!...

    extra note: Thinking ahead I know this wont be my long term Editor.. but good for my early "Play School" "Sesame Street" days.. Later with more understanding of things will switch to something better suited.

    Thank you.. sorry...

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    Visual Studio Express free edition

    Expression Web 4
    EW4 will also show you've written bad code and will tell you what is wrong with the code.
    Both professional editors and free.

    Good luck.

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    boyko.. dude I dont really know what to say... thank you!.... She's a very special girl! (Expressions)... 70% as light as Notepad++ and 30% the best of Dreamweaver...

    Ive taken her out on a first date and I think she's into me ... Ive been looking a long time for the right lady to love... not 3-4 days.. but since hangin with my homeboys Dreamweaver & Dreamweaver UltraDev..... Yeeees!.....

    Thank you for making first introductions.. I hope she feels as good on the inside as she does on the out .... owe you 1 brother...

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