Here at Jumpbutton Studio, We have our moments of humor and relaxation. We aim to never set solid deadlines to things as we understand and appreciate that everyone within our team/family has lives that they must tend to but we always get what we need to get completed without delay. This is what allows our method of development to flow smoothly. We are currently looking for more programmers to join our family of buttons to help with our current and future project developments.

At the moment our web department consist of only one individual, which is our web lead. He is also apart of various other projects game specific within the team therefor leaving little room for updating our website as frequently possible. We are hoping to find individuals to join our web department and help make our site what it can be as we already have everything designed and it's just the process of implementing it all. We are all currently developing voluntarily through our love for game development but will eventually be able to pay staff after a few successful projects. We are on the verge of releasing one of our games, and more than 2 others are in development.

The requirement to joining the team is simply an excellent knowledge of web development, ability to use git to push updates to website, understanding of database management and easily reachable. Anyone interested can send an email to the jobs email provided at the bottom of this thread and we will respond within 24 hours to set up a meeting.

Thank you!

Website: http://jumpbuttonstudio.com
Email: jobs@jumpbuttonstudio.com