Hello there,

I've discovered this phenomenal forum today, and since we're on the search for a web coder who's able to finish our current website using Joomla, I thought I could post a recruiting thread here. About us: Mountainwheel Games is a team of talented developers who share a common goal of releasing the highest quality indie games possible. We strive to achieve this goal through hard work, cooperation, and communication with our fans and followers. Stone Rage™ is a Free-To-Play online third person multiplayer action game set within the Pleistocene and Eocene eras, featuring prehistoric tribalism, prehistoric landscapes and prehistoric animals. Players will take control of a single character of either a human class, neanderthal tribe or animal genus and wreak havoc in a survival-based game mode.

About the game:
Game Title: Stone Rage
Platform: PC
Genre: Action and adventure
Theme: Rural Survival
Camera View: Third Person
Engine: CryEngine
Price: Free-To-Play (commercial)
Company: LLC
Project Started: January 2011
Compensation: Royalties, Milestone payment
Team Communication: Skype, Email, Confluence, Jira
File sharing: Tortoise Subversion (SVN)
Contact Email: marco@mountainwheelgames.com

What we offer:
Royalties (% from future revenues)
Milestone-payment (kickstarter)
Work from home!
You get to decide when to work/not work
Shown in credits on websites, in-game and more
You'll be an integral part of a small, talented team of developers
You'll have intrinsic design input, and creative say in the development of the game.

We are searching for:
1x Web Coder
Experienced HTML / JS and CSS / JQuery / PHP
Preferred: Experience with Joomla (CMS)
Able to stay in contact (email, skype)
Willing to commit time (10-15hours per week)
Long-term interest and availability (+2 months)

Contact Email: marco@mountainwheelgames.com
• IndieDB: Stone Rage Windows, Mac game - Indie DB
• Facebook Official Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/StoneRage
• YouTube Official: MountainwheelGames - YouTube
• Twitter Official: https://twitter.com/#!/Mountainwheel
• Steam: Steam Community :: Group :: Stone Rage