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Thread: Small scale PHP web development job

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    Small scale PHP web development job

    Hello PHP people out there!

    I have a website that's already set up and running, but I wish to add/change some things that require PHP. Therefore I'm looking for someone willing to spend a little time now and then on doing small tasks with PHP. It's not going to require huge amounts of time, and you probably won't need to be the biggest expert out there.

    While I can't offer money for your services at the moment, I can offer gameserver hosting for many different games and also teamspeak servers (servers are eu based). Also, if you prove to be reliable and nice to work with I'll keep you in mind for later work where my organization will be able to pay you for services rendered.

    Me, eRa (the de facto leader of my organization) and others are Managers of an e-sport community. For our website we are using a Content Management System (CMS), right now it is clansphere (http://www.csphere.eu/) which is really nice for our the things we need, but its hard to add and change PHP related things if you only have very limited PHP knowledge like me.

    First of all we need a tournament system, as we are negotiating a partnership with a huge tournament provider for e-sport. We want to host tournaments. Also we want to change the existing modules of the content management system to gain more user-friendly access to our website and make it easier to administrate the site.

    Contact info:

    Email: archigo@prophets-esport.eu
    Skype: Archigo - Denmark - aspo-ja@hotmail.com
    Steam: Dragolis (same email as above)

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    I will give clan sphere a looking though later today.

    What are some of the features you are looking to add to it?

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    The main thing is to add a module capable of supporting double elimination tournaments http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-...ion_tournament, this means it should support signing teams up and having a visual representation on the website, where people can see how the tournament is going.

    Aside from that there are various small changes to usability that would be nice, but the only truly important thing is the tournament module.

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    We're no longer looking and this thread can be closed.

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