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Thread: Use date picker to create $variable for query

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    Exclamation Use date picker to create $variable for query

    Hi All,

    I'm hoping I can get some help with my code. I have been working on it for quite some time and I have gotten just about everything working.

    What the page currently does:
    #1 Queries my database to get a list of options for my drop-down menu
    #2 On selecting an option from the generated drop-down, the page reloads and queries my database, returning only users that meet the shifts from my drop-down.

    What I still what it to do:
    The very first thing I would like my form to do is to have a datepicker (already have one working on the page). When selecting a date, the date is pushed into the first query Point #1. This query will the select only options (shifts) that are available on that date.
    Once the shift is selected the query in Point #2 must only select users from the second table who are scheduled for that date, and the selected shift.

    Below is my complete code. The code below functions perfectly as describe in under the "What the page currently does" section.

    PHP Code:
    My page is attached
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