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Thread: Javascript question

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    Javascript question

    Hello there.

    I am looking for help with my code.

    I am trying to create a code that will change for instance the color of a selected text, only the text that I select and click on the red color button will be changed into red color.

    How can I do that ?

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    This will change all the text that has the class "text" to black, then change the selected text to red. If you want to change the background colour, then it would be x.style.backgroundColor = ... .
    HTML Code:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    		<script type = "text/javascript">
    			function change(x) {
    				var text = document.getElementsByClassName("text");
    				for(var i = 0; i < (text.length); i++) {
    					text[i].style.color = "#000000";
    					x.style.color = "#FF0000";
    		<div id = "textContainer">
    			<p onClick = "change(this)" class = "text">Apple</p>
    			<p onClick = "change(this)" class = "text">Orange</p>
    			<p onClick = "change(this)" class = "text">Banana</p>

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