Hey all,

Just signed up to ask a simple question. Working with someone new, and designed part of a site which had some images in the background. The request was made to have the images then sliced (say into 4 parts) versus keeping it at one. The images in question were around 90-110 kb.

Is this something that people do normally? I could understand with maybe a very large image, but any benefit to the perceived loading time seems so minor in this case. I was also told that you can compress the image better that way, but I have a feeling that just isn't the case. 4 images containing the same information, at the same quality would be identical in size. Plus now there are 4 HTTP requests. And a lot more HTML added to page for something that doesn't seem worth it.

I searched Google and didn't see much related to slicing images (except really old 2009-2011 stuff). Was this common practice back then, but has fallen out of favor with sprites? Sprites seem like it would be worse in this situation (since it would have to load all 5 of those images).