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Thread: Top Rated Frameworks - Pros and Cons?

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    Top Rated Frameworks - Pros and Cons?

    Hello everyone,

    So I've got a few projects I'm working on and for once I decided that I might give a javascript framework a go to make some of my work a little sexier and easier to maintain. The issue I face now is which one to choose. I'm looking for something that is centered around building apps, rather than just offering more flexible and improved javascript code (like jQuery).

    So far the biggest contenders I have found for this are:

    Frankly, one reason I have always avoided using frameworks (at least with jQuery) is because I don't feel a need to learn a different way to code the same things I can already do with javascript. Or to put it another way, javascript is already able to do everything the framework does, so why consume time learning the framework. And I'm sure plenty of people have their opinions about that, but let's stay on topic. Ultimately, I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to use a framework and more time simply using it. It's supposed to save me time after all.

    In context, the next project I'll probably be using this for is a blog/article-like site. Similar to a Wordpress site in some ways, though this particular site is very specific to its owners needs and we prefer the custom approach for flexibility (and future scalability). So any frameworks I use would be geared towards article-based content (and interacting with such content).

    So now then, does anyone have any solid suggestions or recommendations? I'd love to hear about past experiences with any frameworks, ease-of-use and impressive or favored features.
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    I also have been researching frameworks these past few weeks. From what I have gathered is, pick the one that most suites your needs. The ones with the smallest footprints are the ones I've been looking into, e.g. backbone.js. As for I need in a framework. I need a framework that is simple and focuses on making coding easier, as well as making data/class structures more richer and simpler.

    here are some noteworthy links I've come across recently:

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