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Thread: How to create sitemap.

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    How to create sitemap.

    plss tell me how to create sitemap in any format ??

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    Google "sitemaps", it's all there!!!

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    My question would be "why make a sitemap" -- but I've said for close to a decade that if you 'need' a sitemap.xml there's something wrong with the site it's being applied to; since the links IN the site should provide all the 'structure' you need to be crawled... if it isn't, well...

    There's a lot of 'extra metadata' garbage like sitemaps that serve no legitimate purpose other that to sweep developer ineptitude under the rug, and seems to exist out of ignorance on the part of who came up with them on how things should work. See Microformats, the new allegedly (and decidedly not) semantic and uselessly redundant HTML 5 tags, Ruby roles, pointless title attributes identical to the text inside the tags they're applied to, etc, etc, etc...

    Really if you 'need' a sitemap, you've done something wrong.

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    May bad, above should say "aria roles" not "ruby"... dunno why I did that. Ruby language supprot is one of the two useful things (if working in non-english languages) alongside "manifest" in the entire disaster known as HTML 5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathshadow View Post
    Really if you 'need' a sitemap, you've done something wrong.
    I agree that if you need a sitemap just to allow your site to be crawled, then you have done something wrong. But that is not the only purpose of sitemaps. XML sitemaps (not text ones) support the facility to rate the relative priority of web pages in the site. This aids bots to identify the more significant parts of the site. Against that, such ratings have to be manually added to the sitemap, because, if they could be automated, the bots could do it themselves! Which then implies a maintenance issue. So whether the benefit of setting priorities is worth the maintenance cost is another matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedaisoul View Post
    support the facility to rate the relative priority of web pages in the site
    That was the ideal, but isn't in terms of actual ranking "priority" is ignored, in which case what ACTUALLY uses it?

    I've always found the existence of "priority" in the XML a bit confusing since even in the official protocol specs:

    The text for it seems to contradict the reason it exists.

    Oh, and @aman258047, that protocol page should help a lot should you decide to want to build one from scratch.

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    As you say, it has no effect on the site ranking. In theory it may affects which page(s) are linked to in the search listings. But, as I said, whether it is worth the effort is a moot point. For example, at one time Google linked a few pages from my Relativity-Myths site together in one listing. Only I can't remember whether that was before or after I posted a sitemap! Anyway, it stopped a while ago, and I have no idea why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedaisoul View Post
    ]Anyway, it stopped a while ago, and I have no idea why.
    Well, let's face it that's Google in a nutshell; figuring you when or even if it's going to make your listings 'fancy' and how it does so is for us mere mortals a matter of rolling 2d6, and on 4 or more it does what you expect. There's still that 1 in 9 odds of it just wigging out and doing something strange.

    Though my own listings have been oddly stable even with the Google updates of the past few years that sent the SEO-tards running around like chickens with their heads cut off the past few years... I suspect most of that is my use of semantic markup and bothering to know how to use numbered headings properly.

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