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Thread: What is the role of URL in SEO?

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    What is the role of URL in SEO?

    Does URL play a vital role in indexing with specific keyword? Is it necessary to have keyword in the URL in order to get indexed quickly and at good positions?

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    if you making your path same as your keyword then it should helps you for indexing

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    Google doesn't actually mention that it would be an effective technique for urls to have the same keywords .It would have a slight advantage over some websites in the serps.But then again a lot of websites doesn't have the exact keywords in their urls but still get a good position in the search results.

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    URL plays very important role in SEO. URL must contain keywords because it will help to increase ranking of the site easily. If URL contains keywords and title of the page then it will become easy to promote that website in short duration.

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    URL also come under the on page activity if you make your url with keyword rich like seo-company-in-delhi.html that always help you to get the good ranking.

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    If keyword is placed in url specially at first, it will boost your ranking. Keyword in url is also one of the onpage factor.

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    URL is important role from the point of view of and SEO viewpoint of branding. If the URL is higher, then it is creating problems for the user to understand. url support their keywords and services to push the ranking in google search engine. EMD and PMD algorithm are working on the base url.

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    URl is the name of your web page.this name shows up on the address bar of your web browser. URL is vital for your websites highlighting your brand name in the URL is equally important.

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    Yes, for blogging URL play important role to rank that particular page because google gives more importance to SEO friendly url. You can add the page keyword in ulr that will help to improve ranking quickly.
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