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    Exclamation A mere introduction

    Hello my name is Jordan Vanga, I'm 22 years old and currently enrolled in Ryerson University for Business Management. I live in Toronto, ON Canada.

    To be blunt, I have come to this website in search of 2+ coders who excel in Scala, Ruby, JavaScript, Java or IOS. I want to start a business among them. I have a revolutionary idea that will inevitably be the next big thing I'm positive rest assure.Please if you live in Toronto, ON, HESITATE NOT I'm currently seeking for others co-founders for my new business!. For further details if you meet my requirements please contact my e-mail: Jordanvanga@hotmail.com.

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    *P.S - You don't need to live in Toronto, ON.
    You just need skype, or some sort of way i can reach out to you.
    *Currently using a mobile device, i do not know how to edit this thread.
    Sorry for the incovenience.

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    Hello friend...
    I would like to wish you all the best for your new business. And i am sorry to say that i cant help you any way.

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