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Thread: Share Your thoughts about Panda 4.0 algorithm

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    Share Your thoughts about Panda 4.0 algorithm

    Share Your thoughts about Panda 4.0 algorithm

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    Panda 4.0 update impacts ~7.5% of English queries to a degree that a regular user might notice.
    But i didn't notice anything specially my ranking doesn't changed. Lets see..

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    Panda 4 is again one more update to hit the content spam websites. Still there are many website use low quality content, so that type of websites will soon out of ranking online due to panda 4.
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    If you have properly written "content of value", semantically marked up with a logical document order, legitimate user traffic, the only thing ANY Google algorithm change is going to do is make your pages rank better.

    Other than that? It's just another of those times where the black hat SEO scam artists get to run around like chickens with their heads cut off over the 100% fairytale bull they use to prey on the ignorance of others now being slapped down. You know what? GOOD!

    SEO is a small but important part of building a website. There is NO legitimate reason for there to be anyone who "specializes" in it, much less it being turned into a cottage industry full of "take the money and run" scam artists.

    There's a reason Matt Cutts has told us for years to "write for the user, not the search engine" -- were that the SEO-tards paid attention to that, instead of trying to discredit him... Hmm... SEO scam artists going ad hominem against the guy who's job is to slap down black-hat SEO scams? Say not so...

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