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Thread: What is difference between Traffic and Page views?

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    What is difference between Traffic and Page views?

    How to differentiate between website Traffic and Page views?

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    Please read this tutorial by Google Support: https://support.google.com/analytics.../1257084?hl=en

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    The traffic is the amount of data sent and received by the visitors to a website. The traffic is measured by number of visitors and number of pages they visit. If the visitors come your site then just skip to another one your site will get one visit but the traffic of site is will not increase if the visitors spend much time by sending and receiving and gathering information in your site for long time then the site traffic will increase.

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    Visitors are coming to your website to get any information or for any type of interaction then it comes under traffic . But if a visitor comes then redirect to another page without any interaction, then is only increasing page view of your website. It's good to get your website related visitors to get more traffic to your website.

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    visitors are coming to your sites that is your traffic and visitors want to see internal pages that called page view

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    Traffic means all the clicks that count on your website either they click and just go they visit other pages. But page views means if they visit other pages also. As the page view increases search engines thinks that your website is having good and quality content for their visitors.

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    Number of visitors visiting your site is traffic on your site and the pages viewed by each visitor is page view of your website.

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