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Thread: Selection of tags problem

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    Selection of tags problem

    Hi, hope someone can help with this. I know a little JS, but not all that much.

    I use a Javascript HTML Editor for my blog and it works a treat, except for one aspect.

    I can select text in a textarea, but if tags are present a problem occurs.

    I can select these fine
    But if I select anything with tags this happens
    Is there a very simple bit of code which will overcome this for the entire textarea?

    At the top of the code is a variable, used throughout the code with conditions. I assume this "enables" the textarea.
    var textarea;
    Perhaps it needs something?

    I tried:
    var textarea(focus);
    But that didn't work.

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    Does this editor have a name?
    I suspect that a proper fix will require modification of either a rather complicated RegExp, or of a similarly complicated tokeniser, so I doubt that
    var textarea
    will be relevant.

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    After searching around I found out it is an IE problem. Doesn't happen in Chrome.

    So it looks like I'll have to leave it as is. Because, as you say, this could get quite complicated and lengthy, increasing the size of the editor code (Balakrishnan's little one) to larger than I want.

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