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Thread: I want to reload a div, not a page ...

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    Unhappy I want to reload a div, not a page ...

    I want to reload a div only, not the full page. I know that i will get a lot of answers by googling. Bt my case is something different. I dont want to change the content inside the div. I jzt want the div to get reloaded, I dont want to post any new content into the div. An answer for this i was not able to find from googling. Please help me.

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    If you're looking for an answer you'll have to explain exactly what it is you want.

    Currently your post doesn't make a whole lot of sense. You say you want to simply reload a <div> on your page (without reloading the page itself), however you don't actually want to change the content of the <div>. And thus I propose the question: why reload the <div>?

    It would seem that by definition something on the page (at least within the source) would have to change in order for any sort of reload action to take place on an element. And ultimately it still comes down to "why?" if you aren't going to change anything on the page. I am almost certain your answer will involve AJAX, but I can't tell you anything beyond that without knowing why you're trying to 'reload' something, except that it doesn't change (which kind of defeats the purpose).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sup3rkirby View Post
    ultimately it still comes down to "why?"
    That's what I'm thinking -- if you aren't changing it's content, changing it's appearance, or otherwise... changing it, just what the devil is "reloading" it going to accomplish other than waste bandwidth?!?

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