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Thread: Which Type Will Give The Fast Result In SEO"white Hat" Or "black Hat"?

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    Which Type Will Give The Fast Result In SEO"white Hat" Or "black Hat"?

    Which Type Will Give The Fast Result In SEO"white Hat" Or "black Hat"?

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    Certainly black hat SEO will result fast results. But I will not recommend black hat SEO since you will get quick results but will be for short duration.

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    Absolutely, certainly the results through Black Hat techniques will be much faster as compared with White Hat SEO techniques, however the results won't last long and might get you penalized for using some of the techniques such as Paid Links, Cloaking, etc... It's always better to opt for White Hat techniques, though it will provide results slowly, but will last long. Additionally, keep in mind that due to the recent Google updates and changes in algorithms, its more important to focus on quality, relevancy and implementing things and techniques from users point of view. Adhering to these, definitely its gonna boost your website or business on search engines.

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    Always bad things appear fast in everywhere so as in SEO but it appears for a short time then suffer form penalty but white hat SEO is the long term. So always go for white hat SEO.

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    Black Hat SEO will provide fast result as compared to White Hat SEO but it is an unethical technique by using which your website me get penalized or even get banned. I suggest you not to use this technique.

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