Hello guys,

I am new to this forum and web developing career as well, ia m facing some problems and i hope you might show me a way. actually i have pretty good knowledge (more like general idea) on how the web works and i really like coding so i chose web development career right now my focus is mainly on client side but my aim is to move further along to the server side and all as far as i can.

the problem with me is and which i thing most of the people face is that i got no school/ tech acedemy in my area so i have to do all of this alone and this is where i get confused most of the time. when i start working on a test website and if i have an idea i seem to get stuck because it requires some kind of other programming langauge like JS or php so then i loose the track and just wander where to start should i do this or that, "should i leave this and start all from the beginning?" and i coudnt seem to complete the thing i started so i just need guidance on how to start which steps to follow inorder to become perfect with programming and web dev as you know my aims please give a detailed reply to enlighten me on how did you guys start and what is best for me. Thanks