[COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"]I am looking for some people to work with for a in-browser game. Yes. I said it, in browser[/COLOR]. I understand 99% of people are not "fans" of these type of games. But I would like to do something different and for those that want to do something quicker. It will work on the SAME basis as toontown, GUIs, to buy certain things, cog buildings and cog battles, it won't be as functional of course, but it would be something fun to attempt.

I would need a lead developer, I do have some knowledge on HTML, but unless the basis is set up there is not really much I can do.

I can do graphics, and basically set up everything. I WILL be able to fix up the site so that it has MySQL servers and such, I do in a sort want it to be multiplayer, but I don't think anything major. Maybe a teamable cog building or something.

All stats will work just like the regular ToonTown and will maintain the same aspects and save when you leave.

I also have another proposal which would be Laff and Gags, basically a cookie clicker concept. If you are willing to leap into either one of these concepts with me, I could do the Laff and Gags concept a lot easier than the other, but I am willing to attempt both, I hope someone can get back at me.

How will profits work? I assume that they will come eventually, but considering the fact that it really doesn't work in the matter of this is a copyrighted game so the game its self will be non-profit, I am sure there are ways.