Hi guys!

First of all some info about us and our project:
We're two swedish guys that for a while now have developed a new site for TV-show information. The project goes under the name "CnemaCentre" and our vision is to provide show information in a new, simple and seamless way. The development focus has been on the design and the user interface to make it accessible everywhere and for everyone.

We had to make some functions only available when registrating an account as for example watchlist, personal calendar and watching progress. If you wonder why you can't see every functions instantly.

Now to the point, we would really need some feedback on the site! What do you think of the overall experience of the site? Is the design working for you? What do you find good and what do you find worse with the site? When sitting coding and coding its hard seeing it with an objective eye and there's for sure things we haven't spotted yet.

So if you would have a couple minutes over we would be delighted if you could visit http://cnemacentre.com and write a few lines on how you experience the site! It would really help us continuing on with the project!