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Thread: Not taking username and password

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    Not taking username and password

    I recently downloaded and installed "appserv 2.5.10". When I typed in "http://localhost/phpmyadmin" it asked for a username and password. The password I know to be correct but the username it will not take. The only things appserv asked for is server address: mysite.com, email: someone@email.com and password: pass1. I tried server address and email each with the password but neither works. Any suggestions?

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    AppServ "latest" build is 05/10/2008...

    Install Apache, PHP, MySQL the right way...
    Apache httpd VC9/10/11 (recommended) apache.org (has links to other windows binaries)
    MySQL (windows)

    If you run into problems with installing/configuring them (PHP can be complicated to setup). Post back I can help guide you thru the process.
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