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Thread: Displaying search results on webpages

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    Are you talking about ajax loading in realtime? If so where's your PHP handler for the javascript to call and/or your javascript? Or are you talking about a proper submit, in which case where's the submit for your form (much less it's fieldset and labels?)

    I'm not quite sure I'm grasping what you're asking, but I don't quite think you're grasping what PHP is or how it works.

    The code you have presented is filled with issues; bad enough you've got HTML 5 in there (not a fan) but your gibberish use of numbered headings (like a H4 with no H3 or H2 between it and the H1 before it), presence of a tag that never actually existed in HGROUP (it was pulled from the HTML 5 specification two years ago, since it was pointless nonsense), back-to-back headings which doesn't make any sense... and that's just the markup.

    That doesn't even get into things like the decade out of date PHP -- this is 2014, you REALLY should NOT be using the mysql_ functions and instead should be using PDO or mySQLi -- see the GIANT RED WARNING BOXES in the manual they added a couple years ago after the four to six years of saying it wasn't enough.

    Probably not your fault -- there are a lot of outdated tutorials and guides out there to lead you astray on that.

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    Hey Deathshadow

    Yes I'm pretty much beginner.

    Yeah the markup is a little all over the place as I got it from a tutorial which is now apparently out-dated.

    You're not the first person to tell me about using mysqli or pdo, I will be doing this.

    Re my question/s:

    Don't think I'm ready for the real time stuff just yet so no I don't require AJAX.

    If you go to the following link this website is almost exactly the way I want mine to work: http://www.freesfx.co.uk/

    On the first page it has a selection of results from the database, it labels it as the most recent sound effects, I just want mine to return the entire contents of the table.
    However once the user initiates a search for something eg bees it returns the files that have been labelled with a bee tag within the database.

    Am I wrong in assuming this can just be done with php?

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