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Thread: JS code working only in editors

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    JS code working only in editors


    I have a relatively simple JS script that I want to use, and it works perfectly fine in editors like Plunk/Fiddle, but does not work on my actual page for some reason.

    Here it is in a Plunk project:

    Originally, the bar doesn't even show at all. However I've already tried adding document.ready onload function to the code, and this caused the bar to SHOW but not actually function (like it does in the editors). Even if I try to download it from Plunk, which I assume would include the external files that might be causing this, it still doesn't seem to work.

    Any ideas for a solution to this? Thanks alot!

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    Are you sure in your local copy you are actually including the half dozen different bloated garbage libraries your code seems to rely upon that things like Plunk and jsFiddle automatically add for you?

    Really though, your problem stems from broken methodology -- testing in some goofy online 'fiddler' is NOT good practice for coding; write the bloody thing in a REAL editor and test it in REAL browsers on a REAL page.

    I have to ask, is there some reason you're using some bloated, broken, non-graceful degrading scripttardery form replacement garbage to do FORM and CSS' job? Much less the placeholder-style 'false simplicty' garbage?

    Placeholder is NOT a label:


    ... and I quote:
    The placeholder attribute should not be used as a replacement for a label.
    and of course, it's false simplicity:

    No matter how many artsy fartsy types and scripttards tell you otherwise.

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    Hi deathshadow,

    Thanks for the info on the whole "false simplicity" concept, pretty interesting how things that seem so unimportant can actually have an affect on conversion rates.

    I did not write that code, it was generated by a service I'm trying out called "Denote.io". I don't typically work with code in Fiddle or Plunk, but I couldn't get the code to work properly with my editor/browser, even though I'm pretty sure I've already imported everything that was being used. That's what I was confused about: if there's something else I'm missing aside from the library imports.

    As someone who appears more knowledgeable on the subject than I, you seem pretty against using this script (assuming I was able to get it working). Do you have any other recommendations for alternatives?

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    To me -- unless you have hundreds or even thousands of pages -- on-site search just means there's something wrong with your site. Admittedly, you have a very active blog, or a ultra-active forums, THEN it's neccessary -- but at that point whatever CMS you are based on should already have that -- and if what's built in isn't good enough, you should be tying into a low level library like Sphinx, instead of a third party system.

    Looked up this "denote.io" thing, and their site reeks of feel-good marketspeak -- with loaded words, card stacking and glittering generalities; the implementation seems too complex for it's own good, and just strikes me as attempting to offload on a third party something 90%+ of websites shouldn't be wasting time doing in the first place.

    Admittedly, seven or eight years ago I was trying to do the same thing -- but I got a wake-up call; it led to a total distrust of things like this because if the front end code of things like this are such a needlessly complex mess, how can I possibly trust their back-end code?

    A "view source" of the home page of their website should be enough to scare you away from using it.

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