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Thread: Send Hidden1 back to website.htm from website.php

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    Send Hidden1 back to website.htm from website.php

    How do you send Hidden1 back to website.htm after ?

    PHP Code:
    //do work on $id
        //Session("Hidden1")=$id;???How do you send Hidden1 back to website.htm???
    return header("Location: http://www.mysite.com/website.htm");
    PHP Code:
    <form name="myform" action="website.php" method="post">
    input name="Hidden1" type="hidden" />

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    Read up on the 'value' attribute of the 'input' tag. That will tell you.

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    Why are you even making them separate files in the first place, and wasting time with some silly 'header' redirect to just waste server time and an extra handshake?

    This is another of those things I've been seeing people do lately that makes me wonder if there's some book or tutorial advocating this goofy/sleazy practice. "location" redirects for NOTHING. I'm seeing it more and more and I'm scratching my head "GOOD PADME, WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!"

    Your php doesn't even make sense, you aren't in a function so just what are you 'returning'?

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    deathshadow has a point. My first reply was simply to show the OP how to post a value into his html, which by the lack of response was not understood. But on closer examination the user is trying to process an input value that is HIDDEN from the user and then he wants to send it back to the user, but it will STILL BE HIDDEN. What is going on here?

    To the OP:
    IMHO the header(Location line is really meant to be used to RE-direct you to a new script, not back to the same one you are running. If you want to run the same url again simply make your output and then exit. Use the redirection capabilities to actually RE-DIRECT you somewhere else. If you have sent the user a screen with a form that has an action that sends you to script A, then script A will receive that input, process it, and compose a new page to be sent back to the user (or do a redirect to a different script that is the response to the user) after the process has been completed.) To accept some input and then do a header back to the same url is not necessary.

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    When I try to put:
    into a htm file it does not function correctly.

    I could make it a php file and it would work.

    But how many php websites are there on the web?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philosophaie View Post
    But how many php websites are there on the web?
    Oh, I dunno -- 80% or more of websites out there right now? What with Wordpress, Magento, Codeignitor, vBulletin, phpBB, Xenforo, myBB, SMF, Drupal, Serendipity, Joomla... ALL being PHP based? I mean seriously, with the sheer volume of turdpress sites being crapped out by people who have no business making websites ALONE?

    Honestly, websites serving flat .html files (or the twenty-five year out of date windows 3 era .htm) are pretty much in the minority now. Between PHP and ASP, you've probably got more than 95% of deployed websites covered... you toss in Ruby, Perl and Python, that's probably the majority of that remaining 5%!

    EVEN if you don't see a .asp or .php extension, since a lot of people are using rewrite-rules to bypass or hide that.

    Oh, and @ginerjm -- your new post raised some good questions that made me come up with another question -- why is this data even being sent client-side? I mean, from the looks of it that's either information that should be passed as a cookie (if it's going to be manipulated by JS) or retained server-side in session data.

    But then a LOT of what people put into INPUT[hidden] falls into that category, information there is no legitimate reason to be sending client side much less in the form in the first place.
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    Ok I am hooked.

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