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Thread: Contact 7 Form field and Javascript

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    Contact 7 Form field and Javascript

    I have a form that I have working here - http://www.webcrawldesigns.com/dct/order-form-new

    To make a field mandatory I need to add the field in this format [text *width1]
    My problem is that to make my 2 fields required and keeping the javascript working..

    [text* width1 class:short onchange="Calculate(1)"]
    [text* length1 class:short onchange="Calculate(1)"]
    <input class="short" onfocus="this.form.elements[0].focus()" name="totalcost1" id="totalcost1" />

    **when they were input code they worked but I need to add * with square brackets around to set as required field prior to submission. Any ideas?
    Thank you.

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    Could you please explain what is going wrong here? My first thought is that you probably can't get away with using the same function, ie
    for two different fields.

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    the javascript function works fine but I need these two fields to be required before submitting the form.
    Contact form code is [text* fieldnameexample]
    when someone submits if the fieldnameexample does not have content in it an error will come up required field. When I change my width and height to the contact form format my javascript function doesn't work.
    Not sure how to make it all work together or maybe I need some direction on forcing field using another javascript function?

    working - http://www.webcrawldesigns.com/dct/order-form

    contact form required format javascript not working - http://www.webcrawldesigns.com/dct/order-form-new


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