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Thread: fancybox mess

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    fancybox mess

    I previously had this working at http://http://artdemo.tripod.com/ill...xFancyBox.html and http://www.jacquimorgan.com/about/bioImagesListFB.html Also got two versions at JosephDenaro.com working locally but not online http://www.josephdenaro.com/comps/indexFBmorgan.html and http://www.josephdenaro.com/comps/indexFB.html

    I'm quite sure I uploaded all the referenced files. I do have some validation errors (align and <br clear="all") -- would these affect outcome.

    I've spent weeks going over all the tutorials I could find. They all just repeat the same basic opening steps. One mentioned that calling <script> should be at bottom of page. But I cannot get the overall picture to make the "Buttons helper" slideshow to work. I've got a lot of junk in there that needs cleaning up.

    Can anyone help? Can you point me to a reference whole page for the "Buttons helper" slideshow that would help me clean up this mess and get it working?

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    While I'm not familiar with "fancyBox" having validation errors CANNOT be helping -- particularly if you have improperly closed tags or markup that violates the structural rules. This is even more true of you start slapping modern scripting and the HTML 5 doctype on what is -- to be brutally frank -- decade out of date markup and development methods.

    On the whole (just looking at that first page) you've got all sorts of issues -- from endless pointless scripting inlined in the markup -- IN THE WRONG PLACE at that -- to static screen only style inlined in the markup -- to gibberish use of numbered headings (even by the gibberish HTML 5 changes to the rules), endless pointless classes for nothing, no media targets on your style embeds, attributes that haven't had any business on a website since 1997, comment placements that could trip rendering bugs in FF and IE (yes, I said comments... I know -- crazy... I also said IE so....)

    I mean, you've got a 27.5k of markup for 1k of plaintext and a dozen and a half content images -- most likely anywhere from three to four times the code such a simple page should have.

    Just the first site you linked to ALONE should be pitched and started over, made to work before you even THINK about worrying about adding scripting to it. That you're having trouble making a script work on top of that mess of invalid error-throwing scripting and invalid markup isn't exactly a surprise.

    Particularly on sites that -- again to be frank with you -- I can't see a legitimate reason to even HAVE scripting on; at least not for anything you have them doing so far.

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    Contrary to deathshadow's unhelpful negativity, I got specific and helpful answers at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/forums/s...-fancybox-mess

    The initial problem was that all the tutorials and demos I researched showed the JS links with version numbers, but the actual files did not have versions in the names. When the versions were deleted from the link names, the FancyBox executed as desired. See http://www.josephdenaro.com/heads/index.html , http://www.josephdenaro.com/comps/index.html etc

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