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Thread: html site map v/s xml site map

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    html site map v/s xml site map

    Hello Friends,

    Why we add site map in website and what's the difference between XML and HTML site map.

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    Sitemap is just like road map for website visitors that shows the way for inner pages. It is helpful for both search engine robots and real visitors as well. XML and HTML sitemap are used for same purpose but mostly webmasters use XML sitemap for search engines and HTML site map for visitors. There are many options like "changefreq", "priority" etc. that help robots to crawl webpage according mentioned points.

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    Sitemap.xml contains all the url's of the website and its related information.Generally, sitemap.xml is used by web crawlers.Sitemap.html is used by visitors.Both are important for the seo process.

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    Sitemap is a map of your site means one single page shows the structure of your site. Sitemap is an index of your website which offers links to all your site. XML sitemap is used for search engine. Once you have made some changes and add some content then you can use XML sitemap to inform search engine. HTML sitemap helps visitors to get information of your website.

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    HTML sitemap is for user friendly purposes and XML sitemap is search engine friendly purpose

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    HTML sitemap is well known by people especially by those people who are not engaged in internet marketing. This kind of sitemap is mainly used to help visitors of a website to find what they need conveniently or help the visitors clearly know the structure of a website. XML sitemap is mainly used by webmasters to help search engines spiders to crawl their websites effectively. Most search engine spiders are trained to look for and identify if an XML based sitemap exists on a website. A good and comprehensive XML sitemap will surely help your website be indexed by search engines like Google more effectively.

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    Html Sitemap is for user Friendly and XML Sitemap is for Search engine

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