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Thread: Search Engine Trouble!

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    Search Engine Trouble!

    I am using the "search machine" search engine generator that I found online. Here is my problem. I have the search engine on my site. The search field is on my page, when a search is submitted, the results appear on the same page as where the form was. But, when I click on one of the results, it opens a new window. I want to be able to click on one of the results and have the page appear in the same window as where the results were listed. (Even better, I would like to have the page appear in a particular frame within a specified page of my site all within the same window as where the search results were.) Please help. I have included the code that I am using as an attachment. I can be emailed with any suggestions as well. Kaboom3@cox.net. Thank you!
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    If you look carefully in the script, you will see this:

    gS+="<A HREF=\""+Cy[A2][V0]+"\" TARGET=\"_BLANK\">

    Change where it says _BLANK to the name of your frame. That will work perfectly if I understand what you want. If you have it open in the same window w/o another frame, just delete TARGET=\"_BLANK\" altogether.Hope this is what you wanted.

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