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Thread: What is the role of content in SEO ?

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    What is the role of content in SEO ?

    What is the role of content in SEO ?

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    Content play the most important role to rank a websites it is also referred as king among factors involved to rank websits.
    1. It increases the keywords density of the website
    2. Almost any keyword can be targeted in the content

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    Quality content should produce meaningful interactions with users. Search engines may try to measure this interaction – engagement – in a variety of ways.

    For example, how long do users stay on your page? Did they search, clickthrough to your listing but then immediately “bounce” back to the results to try something else? That “pogosticking” behavior can be measured by search engines and could be a sign that your content isn’t engaging.

    Conversely, are people sending a relatively long time reviewing your content, in relation to similar content on other sites? That “time on site” metric or “long click” is another type of engagement that search engines can measure and use to assess the relative value of content.

    Social gestures such as comments, shares and “likes” represent another way that engagement might be measured. We’ll cover these in greater detail in the Social section of this guide.

    Search engines are typically cagey about the use of engagement metrics, much less the specifics of those metrics. However, we do believe engagement is measured and used to inform search results.

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    There is a huge role of content in SEO.
    To put content on site
    Article submission
    footer content
    blog post
    press release etc. many techniques need content to do off page seo work.

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    It plays a vital role in seo factors, the keywords are stuffed in content only and the content must be quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sourabhthaver View Post
    What is the role of content in SEO ?
    according today's scenario content play a vital role in Seo,with the help of content marketing we can generate the traffic or business through our website.

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