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Im developing a web application atm, see source and information at https://github.com/Katharsas/GMM
The applications needs to be able to convert 3ds files (3d Meshes) from the PC game "Gothic" to JSON so that the meshes can be displayed in a 3D browser view using WebGL.

I think i could automate the 3D editing software blender to import and export 3d meshes. A importer for the meshes is already available for me. So now i need to find a WebGL lib/Framework that also features a Blender to JSON converter. I also need to be able to alter the texture paths in the mesh materials in the json files (so i can link the textures to the textures available on the server).

Can someone recommend a nice WebGL javascript library which makes it easy to display a 3D mesh in the browser, which also provides some basic camera navigation provided (zoom, pan, rotate mesh), basic shaders (nothing fancy required, only texture maps) and which uses JSON format where i can change stuff without too much problems? I also need a Blender exporter for this format.

Thanks a lot,

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