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Thread: Reducing 'min-height' in jquery-steps plugin

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    Talking Reducing 'min-height' in jquery-steps plugin


    I am using jQuery-Steps' plugin for multiple forms in my HTML. You can check how this plugin works from the following URL.


    What I need here is, as per the plugin for all the forms common 'min-height' is getting applied. But I want to control the 'min-height' of the form as per the number of fields in each individual form of different steps.

    We get a js file with plugin called 'jquery.steps.js'. What I understood is the 'min-height' is getting controlled by this JS file only. But I don't have that much in depth knowledge of Javascript.

    Can anybody help me out on this......

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    Talking jQuery Reducing 'min-height' in jquery-steps plugin

    For the above issue the below is the solution.

    Remove the height property for the below class in jquery.steps.css

    .wizard > .content > .body{height:95%;}

    In the - jquery.steps.js search for


    Should be around line 844. Directly after, add:

    .each(function () {
    var bodyHeight = $(this).height();
    var padding = $(this).innerHeight() - bodyHeight;
    bodyHeight += padding;
    $(this).after('<div class="' + options.clearFixCssClass + '"></div>');
    $(this).parent().animate({ height: bodyHeight }, "slow");

    The issue will be surely resolved.

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