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Thread: How to edit this PHP code to change the output?

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    How to edit this PHP code to change the output?


    Im using a wordpress calendar call "the-events-calendar" and im trying to edit part of one of the php files add a prefix a to the start time and prefix to the end time of each event.

    I hope someone here could offer some advice as i will be purchasing the full lisence once my site is ready to go live but as this wont be for some time i would like to sort myself if possible.

    This is the link the the php


    Any help really appreciated

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    It looks like they consistently use the variables for other calculations I would be careful adding to the variables as you might end up breaking the other functions.

    I didn't see offhand from the file you linked where it actually rendered the information is this done in another file? I saw the function that returned everything in json format, but I didn't see a function that parsed that info.

    Did you use firefox to see if there is a div that holds only the data you are looking for? If the "time" is located in it's own div or some time of selector then you can use jQuery to append or pre-pend html code to the div.

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