Email Permutator

What it does.
This tool is designed to help you find someone's email.
You need to know their name and URL (usually the company they work for).

Why I built it.
I needed to find someone due to them being named as a reference by a person who turned out to be a liar. This was useful in me tracking down a reference while performing my 'due diligence'.
  • I knew the person's name.
  • I knew where they worked - found them on LinkedIn.

So I built this tool to permutate, validate, then check deliverability of an email. It works 95% of the time now - some servers block requests (FEW) and some have catchall emails that return false positives. It works on MOST servers now and in my tests the scripts have been reliable. Sometimes it is slow, but that depends on the mail server queried and not the application.

No Spammers!
I put a reCaptcha on the checkers to keep away spammers and bots. This keeps it useful for individuals but will frustrate spammers.

There is a legitimate use for this tool and this was my way of ensuring its usefulness to ethical users.
Headhunters (recruiters) would find this tool VERY useful.
People don't mind getting contacted by headhunters as they bring opportunity and possible advancement.
I needed a tool like this to find a reference - that the person referencing hoped I would not find!

Technology Used
This was written in PHP. The site was hand coded. I used a few elements that were developed by others such as the nice forms, and the social sharing links that are at the top - the credits are all in the source code.

There is also jquery and javascript (mostly for form validation).

The design was by me - admittedly it is simple, but that was done on purpose.
I have not hand-coded a site in ages, so it seemed to take FOREVER... I spent almost a week on it, perfecting scripts, validation, tweaking jQuery and PHP...
I hope you find it useful.
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