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Thread: [RESOLVED] Looking for HTML5 Programmer to code online game

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Looking for HTML5 Programmer to code online game

    I'm looking to hire an HTML5 programmer to code a game to be played online. The kernel of the game involves drag/drop of objects in a grid, similar to jigsaw puzzle/chess/checkers/matchstick puzzle/tangram, with additional functions like entering players' names, a scoreboard, calling up new puzzles, etc.

    The game already exists as a standalone PC program, written in Visual Basic in 1995, and it is quite simple, so playing a couple of the puzzles will effectively explain the whole thing to a prospective programmer. It's straightforward in concept, though not being a programmer I have no idea of what complexities might be involved in coding it. I want to entirely re-create it in HTML5, which I'm told is the way to go since that way it can reach the widest internet audience, rather than as an app for each of the various OS's.

    I live in NYC and if possible (and reasonable!) I'd like to work with someone I can meet and talk with personally.

    I have created the graphics myself. Once the game has been coded, the next step will be integrating my graphics into a web page.

    Alas, I have no way of knowing how many hours the project will take, so I'm reluctant to make a projection, but the simplicity of the whole thing makes me think well less than the 30 hours it took in VB, and then we were inventing things as we went along, a tedious process; now the game procedures only need to be replicated from the existing program, not invented anew.

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    best of luck ^_^
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    we are interested on your project. please share the requirement to info@optisolbusiness.com
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