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Thread: Begginner Php project, need some help.

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    Begginner Php project, need some help.

    I'm really trying to figure out how to go about doing what I want to do for my dashboard program. I'm a young java developer(In school) and I'm familliar with using MySQL for basics (Reading/Writing Data) however I'm not really sure how to go about doing this. For my project I'm trying to create a dashboard that can show me some statistics; So i guess here's what I need.

    • A script that will update a database with the (Date, int) <-- I know how to do this

    What I don't know how to do is the following:

    • Display information pertaining to a certain month (With a sum of all the ints)
    • Display information pertaining to certain days.

    Examples would be greatly appreciated as I can't find what I'm looking for on google.

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    Since you are storing dates as integers you can make use of time(), mktime(), gmmktime functions to build ranges for grouping data.
    PHP Code:
    list($month$day$year) = explode(' 'gmdate('n j Y'));
    // build a range for month (current month)
    $month_range = array(
    gmmktime(000$month1$year), // start, i.e. 1/1
    gmmktime(000$month+11$year), // end, i.e. 2/1
    $day_range = array(
    // you can call mktime/gmmktime without some arguments,
        // those get auto-filled based on the current time.
    gmmktime(000), // today 0th hour (e.g. 12 am)
    gmmktime(2400), // tomorrow 0th hour
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    Can you define what 'ints' is? I'm assuming you mean some form of integer, but what does that integer MEAN?

    What's your table structure? What existing queries are you using?

    You really aren't providing big enough a picture to tell you anything meaningful... but assuming 'date' is type DATE... Well, I'm going to call it tDate since you shouldn't use field names identical to a SQL type. (reserved words much?)

    to grab a sum of your 'int' field

    SELECT SUM(int) FROM testTable
    WHERE MONTH(tdate) == :month
    AND YEAR(tdate) == :year

    where you replace :month with the number/variable you want. You want to include YEAR since otherwise it would return ALL matching months from all years, something you likely DON'T want.

    Days isn't that hard either, just add DAY(fieldname):

    SELECT SUM(int) FROM testTable
    WHERE DAY(tdate) == :day
    AND MONTH(tdate) == :month
    AND YEAR(tdate) == :year

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