Our company hired a web designer to do our website for us. He did everything that needed to be done - he designed the web site, set up the web site, got it hosted and purchased the domain. Our company paid him one-time fee for designing the web site and pay him a monthly fee to host it. Since setting up our website we have no control or way to edit the web site and make any updates. When we asked him we wanted control to edit and update web site, he told he would do it for us for an extra charge per hour or he would install a CMS system for a one time fee.

I also found out when I did a whoisquery on the web site, that the website is not registered in our name, but is registered in his name and is being hosted by some cheap domain provider. Now, I don't know a lot about the in and outs about the web design industry, but it does not seem to be to be standard practice(or is it). We only asked him to create our web site, not to register the web site(the url is our company name) in his name and nor did we hire him to manage it for us. He is charging us monthly for its hosting and is charging us for editing it. Is this standard?

If it is not standard practice, what do you suggest we do to regain control of it and get it registered in our name?