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    Sass question


    Recently, I install Sass for windows in my laptop, this is the first time that I use Sass, well when I try to run in command line, send me this error:

    C:\Users\Milla\Documents\Diseņo\web developmennt\css>sass styles.scss styles.css
    Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory - C:/Users/Milla/Documents/Diseno/web d
    evelopmennt/front-end codigo facilito/css/.sass-cache/1aa1f82d96fc4179167097ffaf
    Use --trace for backtrace.

    If someone can help me please


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    It looks like Ruby or Sass maybe aren't real keen on the tilde in Diseņo. If you look at the error, the path has an n in place of the ņ.

    Try moving to a different directory and give it a try.

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    I would suggest using Sass and Compass. Here's a good link: http://thesassway.com/beginner/getti...ss-and-compass to help you get started. You'll need Ruby in order to use Sass in this particular configuration

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    My advice? Forget SASS, it's just taking something simple and making it more complex, harder to maintain, and to be frank if it DOES actually "save time" because you have enough CSS for it to actually do anything, there is something disastrously and horrifically wrong with your CSS... like using 200k of CSS to do 20k's job.

    If you understand inheritance and how to use CSS properly, things like LESS, SASS and OOCSS are a bunch of garbage that serves no legitimate purpose other than "let's throw more code at it because we can!"

    I really wonder what's in the kool-aid of people who use this type of stuff. Though to be fair I say the same thing about Bootstrap, jQuery, and all the other rubbish people are vomiting up broken slow loading websites with.

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