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Thread: php file include is not working

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    php file include is not working

    I want to inclide file with URL
    i tried with following ways

    include 'domain.com/file.php';

    both cases not working suggest me

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    Include 'domain.com/file.php'; is the correct syntax, assuming that file.php is in the root directory of the site.

    1. What is the name of the calling file that this include command is in?
    2. How are you running the calling file?
    3. Is the include file on the same site as the calling file? if so, it is more usual to use relative addresing, e.g. if th files are in the same directory include 'file.php'; should suffice.

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    Most probably the error would be in the path of your file.
    Try to have both the file in root directory the file you running and the one you including. Then try i think it should work then.

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    Also make sure the "file.php" is valid php syntax and works correctly on its own.

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    Please write what error you get and listing of file.php.

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