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Thread: Please review my site and suggest for increasing the speed of site.

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    Please review my site and suggest for increasing the speed of site.

    Hi Everyone,

    I am using a WordPress site and I want to increase site speed. So please review my site and suggest me how can I improve my site speed?

    Site- www.promaticsindia.com

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    Well... for starters you could go through and rip out all the garbage wordpress shoves down your throat -- but that's why I favor custom solutions instead of off the shelf trash like turdpress.

    Before we get into the code and speed issues though, we need to talk accessibility -- or more specifically your complete lack of it. You've got illegibly undersized fixed metric fonts, illegible color contrasts (exacerbated by the weird use of text-shadow) and a broken attempt at being responsive. Trying to use the page on screen readers or braille readers is a joke -- likely meaning search engines aren't going to be all that happy with it either. Heading navigation is nonexistent/broken, and that distracting blurry image rotating banner nonsense at the top? Needs to go. That's one of those things the artsy types love to put on websites, that to be brutally frank has no business on a website.

    Now, if we're talking about speed, the home page of that site has 2.55k of plaintext and only three images I'd even consider calling content -- so why is it wasting 801k in 60 separate files? That's a rhetorical question, I can tell you why -- blindly pasting together off the shelf solutions...

    The total number of files is a major issue, since every file request takes ~3x the ping time. There is overlap since browsers can request multiple files at once, but that 60 separate files could take anywhere from 3 seconds to over a minute depending on the latency between browser and server.

    But -- let's go through these files. Given your relatively small amount of content and simplistic page design, there is no reason for the screen media target CSS to be more than 32k in a single file... and if I was coding it I'd probably use half that. You've got 214k of CSS in 14 files -- and that's a problem.

    You've got that pain in the backside known as jQuery in there just pissing all over the page. I know a LOT of people just LOVE their jQuery, but to frank I've never seen it applied to a site where it didn't just make things worse, slower, and annoying to me as a visitor to websites, and even MORE annoying as a developer. You have 426k of scripting in 15 files, on a page where I probably wouldn't have more than 24k of scripting in two files. A good first step would be to axe the slow loading content blocking twitter widget, all the jQuery based nonsense, the redundant google analytics garbage (you should be able to pull the relevent info from the server logs with Analog or Webalizer -- anything else is just pointless)... Pretty much throwing most of the scripting away as not gaining you anything of value compared to what it's costing you in load time.

    Now... what the devil does that need 30 image files for? I'm just not seeing it. The total filesize of 129k for all the images isn't bad, but you could probably leverage techniques like the incorrectly named 'CSS sprites' to cut things down a bit. I would try to get the template (not counting content) down to 12 or less image files.

    Now, under the hood it's your typical train wreck of "I can haz intarnets" markup I've come to expect from turdpress. It has that idiotic "Let's wrap the HTML tag in a half dozen IE conditionals" garbage Eric Meyer pissed all over the Internet with so people could sweep developer ineptitude under the rug, META tags nothing actually uses (author, language, rating, distribution), invalid / pointless robots values (there is no such thing as follow or index -- the ONLY valid robots values are nofollow, noindex and noodp), the code bloat "I don't know how to write CSS" X-UA-Compatible crutch, no media targets on the stylesheet embeds, overstuffed keywords meta with zero relevance to the page content... It's a disaster and I'm not even out of the <HEAD> yet.

    Then I get to body and see this:
    <body class="home blog single-author two-column right-sidebar">
    <div id="main">
    <div id="container">
    <div id="innercontainer">
    	<header id="branding" role="banner">
    Probably well over half those containers serve no legitimate purpose, the classes on body are just code bloat garbage and presentational use of CSS, and of course the pointless HEADER tag mated to aria roles are just pointless code bloat since nothing of value actually uses them.

    Form there we have incomplete forms, form scripttardery replicating placeholder when placeholders are NOT a substitute for LABEL, attributes like TARGET that have no business on any website written after 1997, little if anything resembling semantic markup or logical heading orders, paragraphs inside lists around non-paragraph text, even MORE endless pointless DIV for nothing, absolute URL's just to waste bandwidth (one of turdpress' hallmarks of shoving garbage markup down your throat), outdated javascript:void() nonsense likely meaning there is no graceful degradation, static style inlined in the markup, LABEL around a H1 for ... well... it's not inside a form so who knows why that is there. (and despite what the HTML 5-tards claim, inline level tags around block level is most always broken)... I could go on for quite a while.

    Which is how you ended up with 41k of markup doing somewhere around 10k's job.

    Overall, not counting social media plugins, I don't see any real reason for that page to be much more than 80k in somewhere around 16 files or less. That's HTML+CSS+SCRIPTS+Images -- and for that home page I'm including content in that!

    So there's a LOT to be fixed -- the trick is going to be convincing turdpress to let you do it since, well... the skinning system is garbage and it loves to shove bad markup and bad practices down your gullet.

    Just because something is easy, it doesn't make it good. Kind of a laugh though you asking this about what appears to be a page for someone building websites -- you should know all this already.
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    Thanks for reply, I appreciate you for your solution.

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    Wow. such brutal honesty.

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