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Thread: What software to use in editing video?

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    What software to use in editing video?

    What software to use in editing video?

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    Edit video faster and more fluidly with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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    You can try these as well -

    VideoPad Video Editor Professional
    CyberLink PowerDirector
    Corel VideoStudio Pro (64-bit)
    Vegas Pro (32-bit)
    Windows Live Movie Maker


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    I have used PowerDirector. I can say that, maybe it's not the top high end software but for for routine use it's a good choice.

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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is the best software for editing professional videos. new JKL trim, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 has many new feature comparatively other software like it has the Warp Stabilizer, new audio features, and many more.

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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is a good choice. Use it for editing video.

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    You can try windows live movie maker.

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    CyberLink PowerDirector is really best, I used it once.

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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is really good for you, try it once.

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    After Effects..... nut Sony Vegas is easyer

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    CyberLink PowerDirector is best software to edit videos.

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    There are a lot of software available in the market for editing video. some of them are follow

    1: VideoPad Video Editor Professional
    2: CyberLink PowerDirector
    3: Corel VideoStudio Pro (64-bit)
    4: Vegas Pro (32-bit)
    5: Windows Live Movie Maker
    6: iMovie


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    I think you should use CyberLink PowerDirector.

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    Depends on what you want to do.

    Do you just want to crop a video with nothing fancy happening and be able to compress the video in to an avi file? If so then virtual dub is a good starting point.

    If you want bells and whistles editing, cross fades, effects on the video stream and be able to turn that output in to a file / CDC ir you tube video, then try something like Serif MoviePlus

    I got my MoviePlus X5 off amazon for 20 which is a pretty good deal considering that the latest version X7 is 99
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