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Thread: Web Designing As a Part Time Career

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    Question Web Designing As a Part Time Career

    Hi Guru's,

    I am CS graduate who moved to Wireless Field around decade ago... Now, i am planning to switch my career path and want to start as a part time Web Developer/Designer until i can fully hand off from my current career. I have good aptitude for Programming and Databases along with designing. Currently, i need your advise that what should be my starting point if i have to work as freelance or start my own start up for website business... Should i start with CMS (Word Press, Jamola) for now and try to get some business and later work on more hardcore stuff... I am looking to have a revenue stream as well which can help me during my transition... Appreciate if you can advise me on this !!!



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    In my opinion trying to be a freelance web designer is like trying to get into hollywood to be an actress. I wish you much luck

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