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Thread: Want to know about Copied Content Problem

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    Want to know about Copied Content Problem

    If someone copied my website content and they placing that content in their website means,which website would be getting penalty by Google algorithm?My website or that person's website?

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    USUALLY if your site was indexed FIRST, the second site would be the one penalized, but in actuality it's more of a craps shoot. It can go either way, or when in doubt, Google will slap down both sites.

    Though one thing they do -- and it's damned important -- is that if the duplicate site provides a backlink to the original, the second site gets no penalty, while the originating site gets upranked; which is why having news sites share some or even all of your articles isn't bad.

    It's just the jerks who steal content without permission and no backlinks you have to worry about.

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    If your website was indexed first you are fine. You can always send copyright removal request (DMCA) and report that site. I recommend using automatic online plagiarism detectors, such as Copyleaks - www.copyleaks.com, to make sure your online content is not being plagiarized.

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    In case your content copied Google :-
    1.Not crawl your page
    2.Delay crawl page
    3.in case your content copied google penalize website .
    4.Decrease your website traffic etc

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