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Thread: Joomla 2.5 table isn't straight in Firefox (line is broken sort of)

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    Joomla 2.5 table isn't straight in Firefox (line is broken sort of)

    I have this small problem in Mozilla FF. When I open the article in FF (I usually use this program), the table line isn't straight.
    I should probably add that after re-loading the page, this issue corrects itself somehow.
    Strangely enough, some ppl say they can't see my problem in their own Mozilla browsers.

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    I cannot see the broken line as well. I checked your webpage in FF and Chrome. Everything looks fine. On the level of CSS and html I also haven't seen any problems.

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    Well... you seem to have span for nothing, a ton of whitespace for nothing, you aren't using auto-centering to center things ... yeah, there's your problem.

    you are using spaces to push things in (though I can't find the white-spacere that would make that work) instead of having the TD center their content automatically.

    Generally speaking, your table structure is flawed and filled with outdated stuff; hardly a shock with Joomla involved, but really your first step should be to gut that down to:

    <table class="nameThisTable">
    			<td>Наименование в соответствии с учредительными документами</td>
    			<td>ООО "КОТКОВСКИЙ"</td>
    			<td>Юридический* и фактический адрес</td>
    			<td>142110, МО, г. Подольск, ул. Маштакова, д. 3А, кв. 9</td>
    			<td>8 (4967) 63 55 34</td>
    			<td>Р/с в ВТБ 24 (ЗАО), 101000, г. Москва, ул. Мясницкая, д. 35</td>
    			<td>К/с в ОПЕРУ Московского ГТУ Банка России</td>
    			<td>Коды ОКВЭД</td>
    			<td>80.42 (основной); 93.05; 52.61.2;* 72.20;* 72.40;* 72.60</td>
    			<td>Котковский Григорий</td>
    Then you just need some CSS to make it work.

    .nameThisTable {
    	border:2px solid #000;
    .nameThisTable td {
    	padding:0.2em 0.5em;
    	border:1px solid #000;
    .nameThisTable td+td {
    Naturally you'd want to rename "nameThisTable" to something that actually describes the table. I'd set it to 100% width so it can auto-scale up and down to the available space of it's parent -- since fixed width design is inaccessible rubbish.

    That's what you SHOULD have -- good luck convincing Joomla of that.

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    deathshadow If I could understand what you're proposing me to do, I wouldn't be asking in the first place. I'm looking for a relatively SIMPLE solution that I could done myself with some code adjustments here and there. Unless it's possible to change from within Joomla admin interface. I do plan to dig deeper into HTML and CSS, since Joomla alone can't solve many issues.
    To keep it short, if you could tell me in a step by step fashion what should be done, I'll appreciate that. If there's no a simple solution, then I'll leave it as is. Criticism of Joomla won't get me far. If people could afford Porsches nobody would buy VW's We do what we can, though we know it's not the best...

    kred Thanks! Maybe this problem is not that big of a deal, since some people say it all looks fine.
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    The problem is solved.

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