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Thread: Where to start to build this functionality?

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    Where to start to build this functionality?

    Hi all,

    I want to start my own project and learn the very basics of PHP and MySQL.

    I have the idea of what I want to build in mind, and it is similar to the following sites:


    Basically - inputting a website and returning which domains are linking back.

    Is this ASP/PERL?

    Am i taking on quite a large project for a beginner?

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    I'd guess that yes, it's probably too complex, in that you essentially would have to create your own web crawler (or find a 3rd-party library you could use) in order to build and continually update your (presumably very large) database of web links. That part of the project would likely consume much more time than the part that runs the web page the users interact with.
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    In case of MajestcSEO the index of backlinks is built using their proprietary C#/.NET platform.

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