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Thread: <main>?

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    I was looking all over the web but i dint found anything. Is the tag <main> still good to use?

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    <main> is part of the HTML 5 specification, so you can use it.
    Rick Trethewey
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    As part of HTML 5, I'd say don't waste your time as much like header, article, aside, nav and footer, it's just more code bloat designed to justify sleazy practices of wrapping extra tags like DIV around things for no reason, and introducing all new redundancies to the specification just like HTML 3.2 (or worse, the non-W3C stuff that was stuffed into 4 transitional) from over a decade and a half ago.

    MAIN is meant for "aria roles" -- which is just more inefficient data-scraper bull; the laugh being I thought data scraping content thieves were something site owners wanted to fight, not encourage and make easier -- much less sooner or later you HAVE to let your content do the talking instead of the markup; and that's coming from the point of view of a stickler for semantic markup.

    There's a reason I call 5 the "new transitional", and do not advocate it's use unless you are building an html applet and want to use MANIFEST, or have to because Apple is a bunch of jerks to third party vendors and freetards at the FSF have their socialist agenda... I am of course referring to AUDIO and VIDEO

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    Ok thanks, i was just not sure becouse in my editor in the function "canIuse" it was showing <main> is not supported by any browser.

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    I personally wouldn't bother with <main>, for it seems like they just added the <main> tag so people can code that is even more messy than ever.

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