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Thread: Calling Non-Static Method inside Static Method

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    Question Calling Static Method inside non-Static Method


    I would like to know if the following is correct way of doing?

    PHP Code:
    class Foo
        static public function 
    Hello() {

        public function 
    self::Hello() .' World';

    Here I am calling a static method inside a non-static method. It works for sure, but just wanted to confirm if its correct way??

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    Looks okay to we -- with the exceptions that in this trivial example, there is no apparent reason why the static method should be static, or even be a method at all (it could just be a class property).

    On a side note, I almost never use static anything. About the only exception is the (very rare) case when I make a singleton class, in which case the method that returns the object needs to be static. (And I can go for months or years without creating a singleton. )
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